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Introducing Project InfHemi!

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Dyno Service

Since Covid-19, we've built a shop and mounted the dyno inside. This means we can now operate year-round! Come to us or pick-up service is available.

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Custom Tuning

For modern EFI we use HP Tuners and Diablosport, which covers most domestic models from 1996 to current. We also have the resources to tune your carb on your classic!

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Dynomite Racing

When we're not working on customers' cars on the dyno, we'll be at the track with our drag truck InfHemi.

If you're interested in joining the team and receive the perks of dyno sessions and datalogging, let us know!

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Since 2016

Performance testing and tuning that takes out the guess-work

Our company provides Dynamometer (dyno) and tuning services to automotive enthusiasts in the Ontario, Canada region.

A recent update from DynoJet Research has allowed us to run unlimited Horsepower and Torque at a max of 200 mph. Our current record holder is a Ford F250 twin turbo diesel that made 826hp and 1867ft/lb of torque!

If you've always been interested in knowing the performance numbers of your vehicle, or are interested in getting the most out of your vehicle through tuning, please contact us to book a private testing service or one of the many events we attend during the race season.


Stop Wondering...

Use our dyno and tuning service to give you accurate performance numbers. Call or email us with any questions or inquiries you may have