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Project InfHemi Update #2

It’s been a couple of months since our last written update on Project InfHemi, so we thought we better update everyone on what’s been going on. Obviously the holiday season slowed us down a bit, as well as the bitter cold Winter (I hate Winter!!), but progress has been made.

It took several orders from Summit Racing and trips to a local automotive retailer, but we finally completed the external fuel system. Out of the 5 gallon fuel cell in the bed we’re running into a 100 micron pre-filter, then our external fuel pump, then a 10 micron fuel filter. From there the fuel line runs all the way up to the former battery tray where we’ve placed our fuel regulator. From there it’s a short run to the fuel rail, and there’s also a return line running back to the fuel cell. To power it, we considered running a new feed operated from a switch in the cab, but we decided to use the existing wiring that was there to power the in-tank fuel pump. External fuel pumps apparently use more power, so it’s been suggested to swap out the 15 amp fuse with a 20 or 25 amp.

With the fuel system buttoned up, we were then in a position to test fire. With the key in the run position the fuel pump came on and we adjusted the regulator to around 62-65 psi. However, when we went to start it there was not enough power to get it going. Our thoughts are it’s a combination of the increased distance from the original location and thinner gauge wire than standard. Nevertheless, with my truck providing a boost it started right up!! We were ecstatic to hear it running again. Some may see it as small potatoes, but for us it was a huge step in the right direction. Click HERE to watch the video of the fuel system.

With it running, we then turned our attention to getting familiar with our new tuning setup courtesy of HP Tuners. It’s an amazingly powerful tuning platform with seemingly endless amounts of modification potential. To get our feet wet, we started with the basics. We removed the speed limiter, disabled the EGR, and a number of diagnostic checks since we pulled the fuses for the ABS, EGR and A/C to name a few. Click HERE to watch the video.

Since it now is in running shape again, we’ve loaded it up and taken it to our good friend AND driver of InfHemi, Nathan Cooper. He’ll be taking care of the body work and strengthening up the transmission with the line booster and shift kit.

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